Laklouk Getaway

We’ve been to Laklouk and its surroundings many times since it is so close to my village, we also spent the weekend at a really nice hotel. You can go to Laklouk on a day trip or stay for one or two nights. I will be talking about the top places to visit, where to […]

One Day in Macau!

Macau, a special administrative region of China, has a totally different aspect than other Chinese cities. It was a colony of the Portuguese Empire, which explains its western cultural heritage. It includes a peninsula and the islands of Taipa and Coloane. Although known as Vegas of Asia, gambling is not the only thing you can […]

Five Days in Beijing!

Beijing, the city where we discovered Chinese culture and how they used to live during dynasties. Impressive architecture, huge gardens, beautiful temples.. There’s so much to discover out there and planning four days for that would be good! Consider an additional day for a trip to the Great Wall of China! It’s the city to […]

Five Days in Paris!

Paris, Paris, Paris… I personally loved this city! It has a charm in its streets and I really enjoyed being there. I’ve been to Paris twice and I would go back again. Our latest trip was for five days only, we included Disneyland in our plan but I recommend at least one week to make […]

Where to Eat in Paris!

For those who don’t know me well, trying special food is always necessary for me while traveling. Paris has a lot to offer in this matter. During our 3 days visit, we tried some good restaurants that I will be sharing with you! Breakfast Angelina ParisOne special experience we really enjoyed is having breakfast at […]

Four Days in Prague!

Prague is such a beautiful city that can be easily explored by foot. Don’t use trams, taxis, buses.. if you do not have to, trust me you will enjoy discovering every corner of it. The best sightseeing package to use is the ‘Prague Card’ which includes free entry to many attractions there.. We booked our […]