Laklouk Getaway

We’ve been to Laklouk and its surroundings many times since it is so close to my village, we also spent the weekend at a really nice hotel. You can go to Laklouk on a day trip or stay for one or two nights. I will be talking about the top places to visit, where to stay and where to eat.

Laklouk Village Vacances is a resort that includes two hotels Nirvana & Shangri-la, les Pistes de Laklouk is a part of it too. Choose between many activities like hiking, wall climbing, ATV, biking, zipline, paintball, ping pong… or just chill in the amazing nature surrounding it.

We stayed at Nirvana Hotel during Autumn and Winter. The rooms are spacious and a baby crib can be easily added. The hotel includes a spa, a lounge where you can play billiard or babyfoot and a bar that serves fondue or pierrade formulas with live music during winter. A dinner by the bonfire with live music is available during all other seasons. When the weather is nice, breakfast can be taken on the terrace of Shangri-la. We loved our experience at the resort and I think it is suitable for families as well as couples. It is possible to just chill at the resort for the weekend and enjoy what they offer.

Beautiful nature!
Breakfast view during Autumn!
Room view during winter!
Cozy night by the fireplace!

If you would like to eat in a Lebanese restaurant, I would recommend Zoufa. We tried it during winter and the best part was that the restaurant was all covered with snow even the entrance. We loved the wooden interior which was handmade by its owner. It was a cozy lunch by the fireplace. They also have an outdoor area for a warmer weather.

If you love nature and nice views, below are some places you can visit as a family or as a couple. They are accessible by children but not unattended. During winter, snow can make it hard to reach some of them.

Saidet El Habs
To reach the former convent you can choose between a quick hike or climbing the stairs. We tried both but I definitely prefer the hike, in which we enjoyed the panoramic view of the village and its surroundings and encountered saints statues along the way.

Baloue Balaa
This sinkhole carved by rainfalls is a must see. It had a free access before but now you must pay an entrance fee. During winter, enjoy the view of an amazing waterfall. I used the ‘not so good’ picture below since it reminds me of our first dates twelve years ago.

Saydet El Qarn
Climb some stairs and enjoy a panoramic lakes view along the pathway until you reach the cross. This view would be even better while the area is covered with snow.

Laklouk Ski Resort
Les Pistes de Laklouk is one of the famous Lebanese ski resorts. It is suitable for intermediate level. The resort is surrounded by mountains which make the view more enjoyable. Non skiiers can also spend time outside the slopes in the restaurant and kids can play with snow or with luges.

Also rent a snowmobile for nice snow tracks that can last for a couple of hours.

A laklouk getaway would be a great idea. Many activities are available during all seasons and lots of hiking trails can be taken in its beautiful nature. You may find some picnic spots too.

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